Written translation - both specialist and uncertified

In the case of uncertified translations (e.g. private correspondence) and the specialist ones (e.g. legal, medical and economic texts) a translator is not obliged to translate literally but his or her role is to convey the true meaning of the source text in accordance with the nature and characteristics of both languages.

In the case of specialist translations, e.g. scientific work I consult specialists in a given field. All this is to ensure the highest quality of the document to be translated (like the text was written by a native speaker – i.e. a person whose native language is English and specializes in the field that he or she translates in.)

Words per hour
Pages per day

The standard billing page is 1800 characters (including spaces). Each page which a translator starts translating should be treated as the whole page. If you are not sure how to count the number of characters or words in Word, please contact me for a free quote and if you want to know how to do it all by yourself, I have enclosed below a short description for your convenience:

Sometimes we need to find out how many characters or words we have scribbled in our document.

Step 1. Launch the MS Word application.

Step 2. We write or paste into MS Word a text for which we want to calculate the number of characters or words.

Step 3. Now we move to the “Review” tab and the icon “Word count” and that is it. We get all the information we need (and even more).

A full description along with a picture available at the following link:


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