Oral translations

You should bear in mind that a translator’s working time is calculated from the time for which the translator was ordered to start his work up till the moment when he has been released from further duty to translate for a Customer. A translator is at work and thereby receives his compensation either at the time of actual translation and during all breaks.

It is advisable to provide the translator with some aid materials related to the topic of the meeting to give him enough time to prepare for translation in a reliable and appropriate way. If the translation is to take place outside the translator’s office, then the Customer has the obligation to bear the costs of the translator’s trip and stay.

I offer

  • Assistance in sorting out your personal matters during telephone conversations with English offices, companies and individuals
  • Translator’s assistance at the venue during meetings and business discussions, trainings and lectures
  • Translation of representations of the parties at Registry Office of no legal impediment to marriage
  • Translating marriage vows at a Registry Office

We guarantee

Full accuracy
Meeting each client's needs and requirements
Individual approach to each client